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Bones and Combs

Arrival -

Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes before your appointment time as I may have a dog on the table which I am unable to leave unattended. 

Please do not knock on the front door, I will come out to greet you at your appointment time. You may also text me to say that you have arrived.

If the parking space on the driveway is available you may park there or block the driveway. There is also a visitors bay for parking.

Please avoid blocking my neighbours driveways or parking outside their houses.

Late drop off & collection -

Please contact me to notify that you will be late. However, if you are more than 15 minutes late you will be charged a late fee of £10. I am often back to back with grooms therefore lateness will affect my next client. Your appointment may be cancelled due to not having enough time to complete the groom, in this instance you will be the charged full price of services booked. 

Cancellations -

Please ensure that you give me 24 hours notice if you are unable to attend your appointment. Cancellations after this time will result in you being charged 50% of ALL services booked - if this is not paid, no future appointments will be made.

No Shows -

I understand circumstances change, however if you do not attend your appointment you will be charged the FULL cost of services booked.


I will attempt to brush out any loose tangles, however if they do not slip out easily they will be clipped off for your dogs health and welfare. 

Matting is very painful for your dog. It can cause skin irritation and increases the chance of bacterial infections. They take a lot of skill and caution to remove. This process also blunts and damages my equipment. 

- Slight matting will be an additional £10 on top of the grooming price. 

- A full clip off will be an additional £15.

*I am not liable for injury, nicks or skin irritation due to matt removal after the groom.*

Fleas -

If fleas are found, there is a £10 fee due to having to apply flea shampoo to your dog and disinfecting the salon after.

Difficult dogs -

If I have to stop the groom at any point due to your dogs behaviour, you will be charged the FULL price of the groom.

I do not offer refunds, however I will do my best to rectify any issues to ensure you are satisfied.

I do not groom bitches that are in season or pregnant due to stress on the dog.

Please ensure that your dog has been to the toilet before a groom. There is a public footpath close to my salon. Toileting in my salon repeatedly may result in additional charges. 

Dogs must be on the lead when they come for their appointment. I am only responsible for your dog once it is inside my salon. 

You must NOT enter the premises due to the property being a private residence. 

Your dogs' nails may be sharp after nail clipping. I am not liable if your dog scratches you. I offer an additional nail filing service which you can request for your appointment.

Your dogs may be photographed for my social media, please let me know if you object to this.

When you book an appointment with me you are agreeing that you have read and understand my grooming policy. 

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